Obsession by Me

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I’m going to take this opportunity to talk about my personal style.

I like to think I’m a little bit different than the usual, don’t we all? I try to be brave and go outside my own little style box from time to time. Sometimes this goes well, other times, not so much.

My big thing at the moment is things with hearts on or anything heart shaped. This has even manifested itself in purchasing heart shaped coasters.

I think this may be a sign that I’m getting a little bit obsessed with them. I’ve now got a dress coming from asos.com that’s covered with them.

I’m sure I’ll OD on them soon, then I won’t want to even look at a heart.

I seem to go through phases like this a lot. When I was in college, it was the colour pink. A few years ago, it was emerald green, could not get enough. Then once I got bored of it, it was everywhere. I think I must have been ahead of the curve for that one!

So now it’s hearts. I would quite happily decorate my place in then and wear them every day. But then everyone would that I’m crazy!


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