Month: April 2013

Diet Progress – The Fallout

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So after the blow out weekend I put 2.5 lb on, considering what I ate I’m not really surprised. However, I did have a feeling that it was going to be more than that. Silver linings and all that!

Unfortunately, it was more of the same the last weekend just gone. I allowed myself to be persuaded to have Pizza on Saturday night and it was another blow out meal on Sunday evening at the “in-laws”.

Unfortunately, all these catashtrophies little hiccups means that I am not getting into the habit of the food optimising. I think I really need to have a serious talk with my fella and really tell him how I feel about it all. If it does mean I have to not have meals at his for a while, then so be it.

Wednesday is my weigh day, so I’ll see what damage I have done. Although I have been doing a little more exercise this week, so hopefully that will counter act some of it.

Unfortunately,  I have a few meals out planned over the next few days. I will try my best to make the best decisions I can and not go for the really bad things and hopefully everything will turn out fine!


It’s All Gone Horribly Wrong!

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Well my diet fears were very much realised this weekend. It all started out so well, I walked into town as it was lovely sunny day in West Sussex (if a bit chilly). I got my hair cut, which took 2 hours!! The downside of having very thick hair. Then I went to have some lunch, I even made the effort to go somewhere I knew I’d be able to get something  Slimming World friendly. I had a jacket potato with baked beans, no butter, and a side salad and a 7up free to wash it down with, even though I was ver tempted by a milkshake and a brunch. Feeling very proud of myself, I walked around town and did the shopping I needed to and walked home.

Disaster came when I went to my boyfriend’s for dinner and to stay over. Dinner was steak, with mushrooms and some veg, which was fine. But then came the ma-hoo-sive portion of chip shop chips as something went awry with the original potato dish that was meant to go with it. Then after that, my boyfriend pulled out a box of Cadbury Milk Tray, which I LOVE and I was too weak by this point to resist. Then on Sunday, there was a lot of stuff going on, I helped the fella out in the garden. I was a scrubber (of the garden furniture) for the day. For dinner, KFC was bought.

All in all, diet went to pieces over the weekend. I am really not looking forward to getting on the scale on Wednesday. The only thing I can do it hope that by some miracle that I just stay the same, but I don’t think I’m going to get that lucky. I just don’t know what to do about it, apart from refuse to eat certain things when I’m there. But I don’t want to offend her or seem ungrateful!

I guess the other thing I can do it up my exercise to help combat any excess I might encounter. That was a very rare occasion after all. I’ve been with him for 10 months and that was definitely the worst it’s been for the unhealthy food.

Wednesday will have to be a restart. I haven’t got any meals out planned, or anything of the like. I will have to make sure I plan all my meals and stick to the plan as much as I possibly can. The hardest part is always going to be the bit I haven’t got any power over.

Diet Progress – 10 Days In

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It has been 10 days since I started back on my Slimming World Plan. So far it’s going rather well. I’m back under the weight of when I first started by 3 pounds. This might not sound like much but it means I’ve lost about 13 pounds in the last 10 days.

I do not expect my weight loss to be as high as this all the way through. That would be ridiculous. But as long as I am losing an average of 2 lb a week I’ll be happy.

At that rate it’ll take me about a year to get to my target weight. Which would be amazing.

Hopefully I will be able to stick to it long enough to get there and it becomes second nature to me by then.

I’ve walked to work a couple of times in the last couple of weeks too. Hopefully the weather will settle down more soon so I can walk more (and I can drag myself out of bed that little bit sooner).

I think I need to invest in some decent trainers for walking and in prep for going to the gym too. My feet don’t like walking in my ballet pumps too much.

That’s all from me for now. I’ll update you again next week.

The New Regime

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In case you didn’t know, I’m overweight. Actually on the BMI scale I’m right up in the scary end.I have made the decision last week to kick start my Slimming World efforts. I joined online a little while ago but haven’t given it my full commitment so far. After a heartfelt talking to from my boyfriend. I’m even more determined to get healthy. He told me that he wants me to get healthy as he wants me to be around for as long as possible. He also pointed out all the knock on effects losing weight would have. Like my knees wouldn’t suffer like they do occasionally, I’d gain some confidence, and I might actually be confident enough to go for a job that I’ll enjoy a lot more than the Customer Service job I have now.

Even though I mentioned the BMI scale earlier. I don’t really think that this is a good scale for what weight a person should be. According to this scale, my ideal weight should be about 150 pounds or around the 11 stone mark as I’m 5 foot 10 inches tall. I’m not sure about this. To me that doesn’t sound like much. I have images of becoming a lollipop head or looking ill if I lose too much. With this in mind, I think I am just going to do what I can to get healthy and to a weight that I am happy with.

I’m 2 days into my new regime and I think I’m doing pretty well so far. My toughest challenges will be when I’m invited to eat at my parent’s, my boyfriend’s place (as he lives with his parents), and if I go out for a meal somewhere. Now the latter doesn’t happen too often, and I can try and choose the healhiest option available on the menu. But eating at mine and my boyfriend’s parents will definitely be the challenge. Both of our Mums cook as if an army are going to be turning up. Small portions are not an option in their houses. So I will have to make sure I learn the power of now and I’ll have to leave some on my plate when I’m full rather than eating it all. I’ll also have to turn down desserts, my mum’s especially. She makes amazing homemade puddings but all are very bad for the diet. I may allow myself a treat now and then, once I’ve started to lose some of my weight. But for now, I want to do the best I can and start as I mean to go on.

By some strange coincidence, one of my friends sent me a text message about joining the local gym. I was thinking of doing this, as I had joined before but cancelled it due to lack of funds. But now I’m a little more bouyant I was going to join up and give it a good go. So that means I might have the occasional gym buddy, which could help with the motivation some what. We’ve decided to go and get signed up at the end of the month, once we’ve both been paid. So May could be a much more healthy month for me!

In the meantime, I will let you know how I get on. My thoughts, achievements and any good recipies I come across on the way.

If anyone has any good tips for me, I’m happy to hear from you.

Getting Crafty

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Just before I came down with that awful virus, I bought a Décopatch kit. I’d seen it in my local Hobbycraft shop a while ago and fancied giving it a go for ages. When I saw that there was a kit of it, I thought that this was the perfect way of getting into it. As you may already know, I have a bit of an obsession with hearts, so it was a bit of a no brainer when deciding what kit to go for.

Well today I have finally given this ago, whilst it’s a bit messy, it’s really cool! I’ve covered a couple of little heart-shaped boxes so far and I’m very pleased. It’s so good to do something that has such instant results. For those of you that haven’t come across Décopatch before, the best way to describe it is probably that it’s a bit like Papier-mâché but the glue that you use means it will stick to almost anything. Card, wood, glass and ceramic. Of course this means I have been very careful with how I do this, I don’t want to cover something unintentionally!

20130403-185102.jpgThe picture above shows a few of the items I have to cover with the paper in the background. I can even cover the box with the paper once I’m done. Once I have finished the kit I will definitely be branching out into other things. I have got a few ideas rolling around in my head already. I will be sure to post my ongoing efforts for you all to have a look at.