Diet Progress – The Fallout

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So after the blow out weekend I put 2.5 lb on, considering what I ate I’m not really surprised. However, I did have a feeling that it was going to be more than that. Silver linings and all that!

Unfortunately, it was more of the same the last weekend just gone. I allowed myself to be persuaded to have Pizza on Saturday night and it was another blow out meal on Sunday evening at the “in-laws”.

Unfortunately, all these catashtrophies little hiccups means that I am not getting into the habit of the food optimising. I think I really need to have a serious talk with my fella and really tell him how I feel about it all. If it does mean I have to not have meals at his for a while, then so be it.

Wednesday is my weigh day, so I’ll see what damage I have done. Although I have been doing a little more exercise this week, so hopefully that will counter act some of it.

Unfortunately,  I have a few meals out planned over the next few days. I will try my best to make the best decisions I can and not go for the really bad things and hopefully everything will turn out fine!


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