A Little Update

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I literally just weighed myself and thought I’d post the update on here. I’ve lost 1.5 lb this week, which I am very pleased about.
Considering I hadn’t stuck to my syns and what not. Hopefully it won’t bit me on the bum next week instead.
This next week I am going to try my hardest to make the right choices. Even though I am going to be having meals out and going to my parents. I am going to try my hardest to keep within my limits.
Otherwise, if I start putting weight on again, I’m only going to blame myself and beat myself up over it and that won’t help anyone!
I’m going to start posting my food on Instagram regularly too. I’m hoping that this visual food diary will help me identify where I might go wrong. Especially as I seem to occasionally have a blind spot when it comes to bad food. I have eaten cupcakes and then a few hours later forgotten all about it!
I’ll collate all the pictures from there into a blog post, so if you are a fellow Slimming World person I can share some recipes with you.
If you want to follow me on Instagram. Just look for Bigtalltales on there and you’ll find me!


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