Photo Food Diary – Wednesday 1st May

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As I said in my post yesterday, I am starting to take photos of the things I eat during the day to help me with my diet. Hopefully it’ll work. They are being instantly added to Instagram, but I’m going to collect them together on here as well.

So today went as follows…

Lunch tends to be a snack based affair as I’ve never been good at eating early in the morning. So I end up eating something when I’ve started work. Today it consisted of a fat free mango yogurt, banana and a choc fudge Alpen light bar.

Lunch today was tri colore pasta with low fat thousand island dressing (1 syn per tbs) and some ham. I also had an apple later in the day.

However this evening I went out for a meal with a friend and succumbed to a burger and a chocolate brownie. Luckily I’m going to London for the day tomorrow and will hopefully walk some of it off!


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