Big Changes

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So much has happened in the last couple of months. It’s been crazy when I think about it. But I’m hoping that all these changes will make a bigger and brighter future for myself.
So since in the last 6 months, this has happened:
• my boyfriend moved in with me
• my nan came out of hospital after being in there 4 months
• my brother was diagnosed with Gilbert’s Syndrome
• my boyfriend moved back out due to personal reasons rather than relationship ones
• We broke up due to many


• I found somewhere else to leave so I can move out of the house share I’m currently in

And just last week
• my Dad is rushed into hospital with suspected appendicitis. Although turned out to be something very different and minor

To say I’ve been through the wringer a bit lately is an understatement. In this time I have also been ill. All the result of being run down I’d imagine.

Of course some of the things that I have listed are good, especially the moving part. But they all come with their own stresses. I will be glad when the move is done and I can start leading my life the way I want.

I have regrets about how some things have happened and wish I could have done some things differently. But like my Mum always says. You can’t move forwards by looking backwards.


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