Getting Some Focus

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After a lot of soul searching, I have decided to put some serious effort into doing some career research. I can’t stay in my current job. It’s eating away at my well being. I have lost all motivation for my work.

I work in a customer service call centre, I answer calls rather than do cold calling. This was never what I was supposed to do. I took a job in the company, originally as a temp, as a stop gap between university going down the pan and figuring out what I wanted to do with my work life.

Seven years later I’m a permanent member of staff and still here. Doing a completely different role to what I started out in. I never intended to be in the customer facing part, originally I was in the back office part of the business which was quite nice and relaxed and not having to speak with customers.

But, as with a lot of companies, I was pushed around different teams and areas of the business and ended up on the front lines.

I have been doing this particular role for about 2 years now, maybe more it all merges in to one after a while, and I have officially had enough and need something new to challenge me.

The main focus of my search is going into getting beauty treatment qualifications. In manicures to start off with then branch out into other things like hand massage, make up and nail art. The theory is that I will do this at evening classes around work and then once I’m qualified I’ll do some work on the side of my regular job and see if I can build up some business.

Annoyingly, the beauty college closest to me has stopped doing the nail and manicures course that sounded perfect for me. So I am in a hunt for a similar course that I don’t have to travel too far for. I would do a study at home course but I think I need to be in a classroom environment to make sure I knuckle down to it. However, if there isn’t a course at a day or time I can do, then I will have to go for that instead.

I really hope that it pays off. Life is too short to be in a job I hate.


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