Pity Party

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This evening I have officially got into my first singledom slump. One of those evenings where is seems almost everyone on your Facebook or Twitter or even friends texting you are talking about weddings or babies or maybe even both.
I know these days are going to come and go. But this evening it is bothering me. Not in a horrible way. I am genuinely happy for my friends. But it is times like these that I wonder if it will ever happen for me.
It probably doesn’t help that I haven’t had the best of Monday’s. My week was nicely kicked off by waking up to the feeling that my neck was twice it’s usual width due to the glands being swollen with cold. Confirming that my scratchy throat from the weekend wasn’t bad hay fever after all but the beginnings of a cold. Great.
Then I had a ladies issues appointment with the nurse. Completely undignified and uncomfortable. So yeah. Not the best start to the week.
I’m also in a massive Slimming World slump. I need to try and restart with my original enthusiasm. I need to remind myself why I joined in the first place. Set myself some targets to achieve and actually get the hell on with it! No excuses. No reasons to sabotage myself.

Things are not going to change unless I change them.


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