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Recently, something has clicked with me. I seem to have become obsessed with a sort of new hobby. I have basically fallen back in love with decoupage, but this time in a big way. In fact, I have become a little bit crazy with it.

I dabbled in this last year and I even posted up on here about it. The set I bought was pretty good, and I did as few pieces from that set which lead me to covering a sewing box.

Plain wooden sewing box covered in Decopatch paper.

After a quiet afternoon in I joined a couple of Decoupage groups on Facebook and after seeing a lot of different posts by the other members it’s inspired me to try and create something of my own. I read quite a few of the other members were using wallpaper to do their projects, and thought this was an awesome idea. Especially as a lot of them said they just go into a DIY store and get free wallpaper samples as you quite often don’t need a lot of paper to do a project, and definitely not a whole roll of it.

Now this seems to have triggered something with me, whilst searching for things for the new project, I can’t get enough of collecting wall paper! I have now been to 4 different places to get wallpaper, I’m not even sure what I’m going to do with all of it!

My raid on Homebase
wallpaper 2
The spoils of B&Q and Next Home

I suppose I should explain what I had in mind for my first project. Well, after not being able to find a phone case I like, I decided to make my own! So I bought a cheap plain plastic hard case and set out to cover it in wallpaper. After a trying to cover the whole thing in wallpaper and not getting far. I decided to try some Decopatch paper I had left over for another project and cutting out a bit of wallpaper for a splash of colour. This is what I ended up with…

Not bad?
Not bad?

I have since cut out the holes for the camera on the back etc. It needs a bit of a touch up before I finish it completely, but I don’t think it’s bad for a first go at this kind of thing.

When I went “shopping” for wallpaper, it was initially to just find something for the phone case. But as you can see, I ended up with a lot more! Some I haven’t got anything planned for yet. But I have completed one project so far.

To add a bit of colour in my very beige lounge, I decided to create some canvases for the wall. Friends have been very complimentary about them and my Mum even wants me to do some for her!

Bird Trio

So now I’m onto my next project, which is in a similar vein, as in I will be covering a canvas, but this time it’ll be going on my bedroom wall. I’ve spent many hours cutting out butterflies from wallpaper and I’m going to make them into a collage on a canvas to go on my wall.

So many butterflies!
So many butterflies!

The end result probably won’t look too different to what’s in the picture, but I’m going to keep rearranging the butterflies until I’m happy and then stick them down.

I like to think of myself as quite a creative person, and now I’ve started doing this, I have tons of different projects going on in my head now, I have collected more wallpaper, bought napkins, tissue paper and wrapping paper to use. I have bought some tester pots of chalky paint too so I can give some furniture a facelift. It is starting to take over my life! I was up until 1am cutting out the butterflies last weekend. Quite soon I have a feeling I could easily give up a social life for all the different projects I want to do.

My parents are even getting in on it, my Dad found something in a skip that looked too good to throw away and asked if I could do something with it.

Gotta love free stuff!

This was a CD rack that was left behind after a local car boot sale, he decided it was too good to leave behind as it’s solid wood. Offered it to me and I gladly took it off his hands. He removed the CD holders from it, as I have other ideas of what I’d like to with it. I will post updates of all the different things I’m doing. But I am really loving my creative side coming back out in full, and it’s awesome that I have been able to finish projects for once. I am usually so good at starting things and not finishing them. At this rate, I can see everyone I know ending up with homemade gifts for Birthday’s and Christmas.

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