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Shop Your stash

So this is post number 2 for Shop Your Stash, as started by the lovely Hollie over at Pretty Big Butterflies. You can find my first SYS post here.

I would thought I would take this as another opportunity to review a beauty product, again it’s a little bit more on the unusual side. Well I think so, as when I personally think of beauty blogs it’s all make up, make up, make up (and a bit of hair styling thrown in for good measure).

I first found this product in Boots when I was aimlessly wandering around one of their stores (and filling up my basket with things I “need”) and wondered what on earth they were! Facial and Loofah are not 2 words I would ever think would come together on a product, let alone see it in actual circulation. I had a quick look at the packet and dismissed it as a silly product that was a waste of money and swiftly moved on to the nail polishes.

Then my regular Boots Advantage Card vouchers came through, which had a point builder voucher for the Botanics range. So idle curiosity got the better of me and I bought a packet, and my word am I glad I did!

The loofahs themselves are about the size of the average round cotton pad and you get 4 compressed loofahs in a packet. Once dampened with water it pops right up into a soft yet firm pad. These are perfect for giving your face a scrub if you have dry skin problem (like me) and you find exfoliating  washes a little harsh, which some of them can be!

I was pleasantly surprised at how good these are, they are firm enough that you feel as though it’s doing good to your face, but supple enough to get around the more tricky parts of your face.

And after I read an article on the BBC website about Microbeads entering water supplies as they are too small to be filtered out. (

Who, What, Why: Why do people want to ban ‘microbeads’?) Then these are definitely a good buy! As you can use any normal face wash with the loofah and still get the exfoliation.

So in summary, I strongly suggest ditching the “microbead” face washes and going for these instead! They are £2.75 for a packet of 4, available in Boots stores. (couldn’t find them on the online store)


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